“Welcome to my life”

Hello! And yes, that is the title of Simple Plan’s song from 2004. Since this is my first blog post, I felt that it was an appropriate title as I officially introduce myself to the world. I am here to share my story and experiences with you, which is definitely a roller coaster ride, so yes… “welcome to my life!”

I have been blogging privately for many years now, and something just told me it was time to go public. Maybe YOU are reason why because you’ll be able to relate to my story, be inspired, and have the confidence to also share your story. Maybe you’ll learn something from me, and I’ll change your life in some way. Or maybe you’re a stalker… hehe just kidding! Maybe you’re just interested in getting to know me. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you found my blog, and I hope you enjoy all the randomness!


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