Stop and look at something beautiful

Sometimes it’s hard to recover after a long, stressful day of work. I’m in the office all day, talking to clients and writing my notes. My mind races, and I am constantly moving. Once I clock out, I leave the building and go straight to my car. I walk pretty fast thinking, “Maybe I’ll beat the rush hour traffic!” Who am I kidding though? I get out at 5PM, sometimes a little later, but I will still get stuck in traffic, no matter what time I leave, at some point during my commute. Once I get inside my car, I feel exhausted. Plus it’s summer. So it’s hot. I’m sweating. I open my car door and this wave of heat escapes. Then, I sit in this oven (sometimes burning myself if I wear a dress… thanks to black, leather seats, lol) and either wait for my AC to cool me off or roll the windows down and drive off, hoping that the wind will do the job. When I get home, I have chores to do. So I am still moving. I am mentally and physically exhausted from running around all day long. I keep myself busy, whether it’s physical or mental. Maybe it has something to do with my anxiety. But I have to remember to take breaks and relax. My mom tells me, “You need to slow down, you’re always in a rush!” Of course I brush it off whenever she tells me to (or anything really, haha), but she’s right. Mommy’s always right! Sometimes it isn’t easy to slow down, take a break, or make time for yourself. Especially when you work in the city and are constantly on the move. It’s a challenge for me.

One day last week, I was walking to my car after work. I parked in a garage (I usually try to find free street parking) because I was running a little late that day. And it was one of those longer, more stressful days than the usual. Plus my mood was more on the down side because of the day I had. And I stepped on a puddle, getting my feet and sandals wet and dirty. So great. Well, at least it stopped raining by the time I got out, right!? On the way to the garage with my normal fast paced walk, this pretty garden caught my eye and I stopped. It was like God told me to relax and admire the beauty surrounding me. I took this picture to remind me to do just that. In that moment, I felt some kind of peace. And that was enough for me to feel happy.

Take the time to look at something beautiful everyday. 


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