First time in Mexico!

Six days and five nights in the wonderful country of Mexico!

Justin (the boyfriend) and I, along with our families, went on vacation to Mexico from July 23rd to July 28th. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, Ocean Riviera Paradise, in Playa del Carmen. Beautiful rooms, awesome views, daily mini bar, room service, all you can eat, all you can drink… what more could you ask for!? 

We booked our trip back in March through and it was almost an impulse decision. We were pretty much just like “F*ck it! YOLO!” Plus, Justin was turning 25 so we wanted to celebrate.


We spent our days eating, drinking, swimming, and relaxing by the pool and beach. We ate in different resaurants for every meal, everyday. Some of the resaurants included Amaranto and Villa Marina (International Display/Buffet), Sakura (Hibachi), Steakhouse Grill, La Locanda (Italian Restaurant), and Blue Moon (Romantic Dining).


On Tuesday, we visited the Zona Arqueológica de Tulum. On the way there, we went on a jewelry and tequila tour. At Matis Jewellery, we recieved a free Mayan horoscope pendant. Aimee (the one and only sister), my mom, and I bought mother/daughter rings made of the “Casarita” stone, which changes different colors from pink to green, depending on the lighting. Then we went on to the tequila tour, and tried different samples of tequila. YUM! Don’t worry, we did not get drunk off of them, lol. Once we got to Tulum, I finally felt the heat. It was SOOOO HOT AND HUMID! OMG. I could not even last ten minutes out there. Yes, it was beautiful, but I wanted to go back to the air-conditioned resort, haha. I guess the best part of that trip was that I drank Piña Colada out of a pineapple and ate some delicious tacos. We returned to the resort and celebrated 70s night with Chardonnay Martinis (coconut liqueur, chardonnay, and pineapple juice) and Tequila shots!


Wednesday was Justin’s 25th birthday, and we started the day off with parasailing! We rode on a jetski to get to the boat, and we flew up to the sky! It was such a beautiful view. I was nervous, but it was soo worth it! We ended the day with T-bone steaks, chocolate tasting, and some live jazz music.


After so many margaritas, martinis, and other alcoholic beverages, it was time to go back to reality. That’s okay though because the next trip awaits!


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