Snow Day!

January 4, 2018 was the first snow day of the year! I woke up to beautiful news: “Offices will be closed today, Thursday, January 4th.” Then I got multiple text messages from my coworkers saying “We’re closed!!!” Happy me went back to sleep.

I would say I had a productive day today. When I finally got up, we planned to go to the gym. I drank my green tea and was ready to work out with Aimee and Justin. There was more than 6 inches of snow sticking to the ground, but why not!? We drove to the gym only to find out that they were closing. Then to the mall because again, why not. CLOSED. Well where do we go now? We’re hungry af. We decided to eat at Meadows Diner. Then we shot a video in the snow. It was so cold, yet so fun! Always a kid at heart.

We relaxed when we got home and had a little work out session following an app. Longest 20 mins of my life… just shows how physically unfit I am lol.

Then I took a bubble bath and relaxed even more 😉 Justin and I finished Harry Potter (5-Star series for someone who finally watched the movies for the first time lol)

It’s now 3am and we’re both still awake. He’s working on YouTube, and me on this blog post. Hopefully we’ll be closed again tomorrow so I won’t have to go to work. It’s dangerous driving in these streets!

Check out Justin’s video of us playing in the snow!


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