Happy Monday!

Justin and I were both off today, so we decided to go on a brunch date! We didn’t eat breakfast before we started our morning. He just came home from the gym, and me from my orthodontist appointment… so you know we were hungry! I was craving some thick french toast, bacon, eggs…yumm let’s go try Sabrina’s Cafe!

I felt like looking cute and dressing up today, especially because I haven’t worn my gray over the knee boots in a while. And do you see the plaid “scarf” I’m wearing in the picture above? It’s not a scarf. That “scarf” is actually a flannel shirt lol. Why spend more money on scarves when you can use a flannel!? Fashion tip!! *winkwink* I don’t have any more outfit pics, mainly because we were focused on getting food lol, but I plan on posting more so stay tuned!

We haven’t had food from Sabrina’s Cafe before (there’s usually a long wait, so it’s best to call ahead), so we were excited. We forgot to do the one thing we had to do… call ahead before we left the house! We walked in, saw that it was packed, saw the line, and walked right back out lol. I called when we got back in the car to see how long of a wait, and they said it was about 30 minutes. Hmm… let’s look at other places for ten minutes and see where we are in line then (they use the Yelp App). About 15 minutes later, I checked Yelp, and it said there were four parties ahead of us and that it was going to be about a 45-minute wait. At this point, we were HANGRY.

We still wanted to try a new place, so we went to the Bistro at Haddonfield. YES! NO WAIT FOR A TABLE! We weren’t even craving breakfast food anymore, so I’m glad we went to here. I had the Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich and he had the Lamb Burger, both very good. Service was excellent as well, so five stars from us! For dessert, we got the Crème Brûlée Cheesecake… and it was soo gooood! I am definitely making this in the future!

After we ate, we walked into this cute little bookstore called Inkwood Books. I’m trying this new thing called “reading” LOL jk. But yes, I’m going to read more this year. I like books about personal growth, mental health, self-help, etc. so I got these two:

I’m off to read for the rest of the day! If you have any recommendations on what I should read this year, definitely let me know and comment below!


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